Deadline for Visiting Master Applicants

21 July, 2018

For several years now, CERGE-EI has invited Master's students to spend a year studying in the PhD in Economics program within the Visiting Master Scheme which it runs jointly with the Institute of Economic Studies (IES) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University.

Talented students who are considering studying for a PhD in Economics and pursuing careers in the global academic sector of international organizations have a unique chance to take PhD level courses while still completing their Master's studies. The high level of courses taught should not discourage applicants as most Visiting Masters actually appreciate the challenge, together with the international community and the first-hand experience of CERGE-EI academic life.

“The Visiting Masters scheme is specifically designed to support students who have a deeper interest in fundamental economic questions and consider doing economic research of a high international standard at PhD level. It is also a great opportunity to discuss one's current research interests with CERGE-EI faculty, students, and alumni. Fellowships are offered to the best students, so they can fully concentrate on their work,” says Alena Bicakova, the Deputy Director for Graduate Studies.

Past participants in the Visiting Master Scheme who later graduated from the PhD in Economics program at CERGE-EI are very successful, especially in the academic sector. Some of them are pursuing research at the top research institutes in Western Europe (such as Jana Cahlikova at the Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance in Munich, Vojtech Bartos at the Department of Economics, Ludwig-Maximilans-Universität, Munich, or Jan Palguta at the Department of Economics at the Carlos III University of Madrid).

The application deadline is August 20, 2018. Further details may be found here.