Excellent Czech Scientist to Present at CERGE-EI

7 October, 2019

A new series of inter-disciplinary lectures by prominent Czech scientists will be launched at CERGE-EI on 25 October. The CCC Lecture Series co-organized by CERGE-EI and the Center for Theoretical Study (CTS) seeks to enhance cooperation among researchers from related fields as well as to be a platform for inspiring discussions.

Both institutions, CERGE-EI and CTS, are joint workplaces of Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences.

"We believe that it is part of our job as scientists to think outside the box, see things from different perspectives. The CCC Lecture Series is a genuine chance to do so and also to meet with our colleagues from other fields and introduce them to what we do," claimed the CERGE-EI organizers Jakub Steiner and Štěpán Jurajda.

The first lecture from the field of evolutionary biology "The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State 2.0" will be held in Czech by Professor Jan Zrzavý.