Alumni Careers

CERGE-EI’s alumni are currently employed in more than 40 countries worldwide.


PhD in Economics graduates pursue academic careers in prestigious university departments around the world, such as Max Planck Institute, Tilburg University, or New York University, hold high-level positions in international organizations, including the World Bank, IMF, EBRD, OECD, government ministries, central banks, think tanks, and private sector organizations.


MAER and MAE in Economics graduates hold quantitative jobs in policy-oriented institutions, such as think tanks, governmental institutions, central banks, and international organizations. Many find jobs in the international business sector, including major banks and consulting firms such as Moody’s Analytics, EY and Deutsche Borse. Others teach economics at high-quality international schools and universities. Many MAER graduates also continue with us in the PhD program.


Please also check the PhD in Economics and the Master in Applied Economics program pages for placements over the past 5 years.



"Ph.D. program in Economics has given us excellent tools to succeed globally."   



Michaela Erbenová, PhD 1997
International Monetary Fund


"The applied feature of the MAE program is a unique combination of academic theory and business practice."


Karel Musil, MAE 2014
Czech National Bank

"I feel very fortunate that I had an opportunity to work with extraordinary scholars during my PhD studies."


Vladimír Novák, PhD 2020
Bocconi University

"The quality of education provided by CERGE-EI has had a very strong impact on what I have achieved to date." 


Libor Krkoška, PhD 1997
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

"I really liked the intensity of the curriculum and the amount of concentration on studies that CERGE-EI required."


Vahagn Jerbashian, PhD 2013
University of Barcelona

"The MAE program is very unique in combining economics, data science, and personal development."


Martin Pecha, MAE 2020

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