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Successful Alumni

  • Thuy Linh Do

    “The MAE program was the most challenging year of my life, but also the most rewarding experience I've ever had.”

    Thuy Linh Do, 2016 Graduate
    Business Solution Expert, Klarna Bank AB

  • Robert Johnson

    “The MAE program combines practical hard skills, useful soft skills, and tailored personal development.”

    Robert Johnson, 2017 Graduate
    Country Manager Hungary,

  • Veronika Jelínková

    “In that one intensive year, I gained a lot both personally and professionally, and I realized which path I want to take in life.”

    Veronika Jelínková, 2013 Graduate
    Co-Founder and CEO, Metalearners

  • Petar Buha

    “MAE program helped me to understand and analyze data, and prepared me to succeed in business environment.”

    Petar Buha, 2015 Graduate
    Management Consultant, Accenture, Prague

Fellowships and Scholarships

  • Impact for Society Fellowship

    • Tuition level reduced to 3,000 USD
    • Apply by providing information about your project or enterprise with social impact
    • Open to everyone


  • Public Service Fellowship

    • Tuition level reduced to 1,900 USD
    • Conditional on a secured placement in public service in your country of origin after graduation
    • Open to applicants from post-communist countries


  • Applied Learning Program

    • 1,000 USD tuition discount per semester
    • Students collaborate with the administration on program development projects


  • Merit Scholarship for Exceptional Students

    • 2,000 USD tuition discount for the highest GPA in the Fall Semester
    • 1,500 USD tuition discount for the second highest GPA in the Fall Semester
    • Awarded after the Fall Semester


World-class Faculty

  • Filip Matějka

    “While at CERGE-EI, the students also work on applied projects that help them get in touch with future employers.”

    Filip Matějka, Associate Professor with Tenure, CERGE-EI, PhD from Princeton University

  • Branislav Saxa

    “The MAE program solidly prepares students for work in central banks or international organizations.”

    Branislav Saxa, Ph.D., Senior Economist, Czech National Bank

Challenging Curriculum

  • Jared Laxton

    “The MAE program stresses the importance of understanding how to use, interpret and tell stories with data.”

    Jared Laxton
    MA in Applied Economics Class of 2017/2018

  • Katarína Strnková

    “The MAE program professionally helps students to discover the best career direction to meet their goals.”

    Katarína Strnková
    MA in Applied Economics Class of 2016/2017

  • Masood Sadat

    “I love working with data. The MAE helps me to master quantitative analysis and explore new principles in the field of economics.”

    Masood Sadat
    MA in Applied Economics Class of 2016/2017

  • Lukáš Makovský

    “I appreciate MA in Applied Economics data-oriented program that is also supported with strong economic theory.”

    Lukáš Makovský
    MA in Applied Economics Class of 2017/2018