CERGE-EI New York is an independent, US-chartered educational institution that awards MA and PhD degrees in Economics and an MA degree in Applied Economics based on study conducted at CERGE-EI (Prague).

The Board of Regents of the Education Department of New York State, which grants charters outside the USA, granted CERGE-EI a provisionary charter in 2000 and an absolute (permanent) charter in 2005. The charter confirms the high quality of CERGE-EI 's graduate programs and the fact that they meet US standards. The PhD in Economics was the first graduate program that is part of a state-supported institution in the transition economies (and perhaps the world) to receive an absolute charter in the United States.

The absolute charter was issued after a thorough examination of the program by a distinguished site visit team who concluded that CERGE-EI was on par with reputable U.S. PhD. programs and that CERGE-EI fills an important and singular niche - view the full report. The award affirms the confidence of the Board of Regents in the long-term sustainability of CERGE-EI's academic programs.