Working Papers 1991–1995

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90. Vavrejnová, Marie. December 1995. “Zmeny prijmovych struktur obyvatelstva Ceske republiky.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

89. Mercenier, Jean, and Nicolas Schmitt. December 1995. “On Sunk Costs and Trade Liberalization in Applied General Equilibrium.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

88. Kočenda, Evžen. November 1995. “Volatility of a Seemingly Fixed Exchange Rate.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

87. Creane, Anthony. September 1995. “Adverse Selection, Moral Hazard and Entry.” (Abstract)

86. Desai, Raj M.. July 1995. “Financial-Market Reform in the Czech Republic, 1991–1994: the Revival of Repression?” (Abstract) (Full Text)

85. Derviz, Alexis. July 1995. “Transition Economies: Dynamic Bargaining in New Markets.” (Abstract)

84. Hanousek, Jan, and Eugene A. Kroch. June 1995. “The Two Waves of Voucher Privatization in the Czech Republic: a Model of Learning in Sequential Bidding.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

83. Marcincin, Anton, and Dmitri Shemetilo. July 1995. “Performance of the Shares in the Investment Funds Portfolio and Their Strategy.” (Abstract)

82. Laštovička, Radek. April 1995. “Privatization and Restructuring under Transition.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

81. Cukrowski, Jacek A.. April 1995. “The Hierarchical Organization of Management in the Firm: Economic Reasons and Efficient Structures.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

80. Laštovička, Radek. April 1995. “Restructuring of Firms under Transition: The Czech Case.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

79. Cukrowski, Jacek A.. February 1995. “An Economic Analysis of Numerical Data Processing in the Firm.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

78. Creane, Anthony. June 1995. “Risk and Revelation: Changing the Value of Information.” (Abstract) (Full Text)


77. Filer, Randall K., Ondřej Schneider, and Jan Švejnar. November 1994. “Wage and Non-Wage Labor Cost in the Czech Republic: The Impact of Fringe Benefits.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

76. Schmitt, Nicolas. October 1994. “Product Imitation, Product Differentiation and International Trade.” (Abstract)

75. Gross, Dominique. October 1994. “In and Out of Unemployment Insurance in Canada: a Dynamic Approach.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

74. Zemplinerová, Alena, Radek Laštovička, and Anton Marcincin. May 1995. “Restruction of Czech Manufacturing Enterprises: an Empirical Study.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

73. Hanel, Petr. September 1994. “R&D, Inter-industry and International Spillovers of Technology and the Total Factor Productivity Growth of Manufacturing Industries in Canada, 1974–1989.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

72. Hanousek, Jan, and Radek Laštovička. January 1994. “Incorporating Information into Models: a Methodology and an Estimation Using Czech Data.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

71. Klipper, Miriam Z. . May 1995. “The Governance of Privatized Firms: Problems of Power and Control.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

70. Janda, Karel. May 1994. “Credit Rationing Under Asymmetric Information and the Fund of Guarantees for Agriculture and Forestry.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

69. Janda, Karel. May 1994. “The Estimation of a Linear Demand System for Basic Types of Meat.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

68. Orenstein, Mitchell. June 1994. “The Political Success of Neo-liberalism in the Czech Republic.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

67. Stach, Jaromír, and Josef Nedoma. June 1994. “A Dynamic Model of the Investment Behavior of a Joint-stock Company and Impacts of Investment Incentives.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

66. Hayri, Aydm, and Gerald A. McDermott. May 1995. “Restructuring in the Czech Republic: Beyond Ownership and Bankruptcy.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

65. Černý, Aleš, and Štěpána Lazarova. April 1994. “Growth and Business Cycles in Czechoslovakia According to the Basic Neoclassical RBC Model.” (Abstract)

64. Výborná, Olga. April 1994. “The Reform of the Czech Health Care System.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

63. Vepřek, Jaromír, Zdeněk Papeš, and Pavel Vepřek. April 1994. “Czech Health Care in Economic Transformation.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

62. Matesová, Jana, and Richard Šeda. April 1994. “Financial Markets in the Czech Republic as Means of Corporate Governance in Voucher Privatized Companies.” (Abstract)

61. Dyba, Karel, and Jan Švejnar. April 1994. “An Overview of Recent Economic Developments in the Czech Republic.” (Abstract)

60. Švejnar, Jan, Katherine Terrell, Daniel Munich, and Mario Strapec. April 1994. “Explaining Unemployment Dynamics in the Czech and Slovak Republics.” (Abstract)

59. Garner, Thesia I, Martina Lubyova, and Katherine Terrell. April 1994. “Changes in Expenditure and Income Inequality: an Examination of the Micro Data (1989 vs. 1992)” (Abstract)

58. Kotrba, Josef. April 1994. “Czech Privatization: Players and Winners.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

57. Černá, Alena, Eva Tošovská, and Pavel Četkovský. April 1994. “Economic Transformation and the Environment.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

56. Vavrejnová, Marie, and Ivana Moravčíková. April 1994. “Household Sector in the Czech Republic in Transition.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

55. Hlaváček, Jiří, and Tomáš Jandik. April 1994. “Wage Trap Model: Producer Behavior in Economies with Heterogeneous Labor Force.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

54. Laštovička, Radek, Anton Marcincin, and Michal Mejstřík. April 1994. “Privatization and Opening the Capital Market in the Czech and Slovak Republics.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

53. Benáček, Vladimír. April 1994. “Small Businesses and Private Entrepreneurship During Transition: the Case of the Czech Republic.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

52. Zemplinerová, Alena, and Josef Stíbal. April 1994. “Evolution and Efficiency of Concentration: Manufacturing Industries in the Czech Economy 1989–1992.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

51. Lízal, Lubomír, Miroslav Singer, and Jan Švejnar. April 1994. “Manager Interests, Breakups and Performance of State Enterprises in Transition.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

50. Bohatá, Marie, and Michael Fischer. April 1994. “Performance of the Manufacturing Industry During Transformation.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

49. Vošvrda, Miloslav. April 1994. “The Output-Inflation Trade off.” (Abstract)

48. Budina, Nina, Jan Hanousek, and Zdeněk Tůma. April 1994. “Money Demand and Seigniorage in Transition.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

47. Izak, Vratislav, Jan Hanousek, and Otakar Klokočník. April 1994. “Monetary Policy During Transformation.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

46. Šujan, Ivan, and Milota Šujanová. April 1994. “The Macroeconomic Situation in the Czech Republic.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

45. Jílek, Jaroslav. April 1994. “The Evolution of Official Statistical Data in the Czech Republic since the 1989 Revolution.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

44. Turnovec, František. April 1994. “Political Background of Economic Transition in the Czech Republic.” (Abstract) (Full Text)


43. Drábek, Zdeněk. December 1993. “The Capital Markets in Central Europe.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

42. Laštovička, Radek. March 1993. “Investment Behaviour in Czech Voucher Privatization.” (Abstract) (Full Text)

41. Filer, Randall K.. July 1993. “The Search For Compensating Differentials: Is There a Pot of Gold After All?” (Abstract)

40. Timmermann, Allan. May 1993. “Variance Bounds and Excess Volatility.” (Abstract)

39. Glomm, Gerhard. May 1993. “Parental Choice of Human Capital Investment.” (Abstract)

38. Parry, Ian. December 1992. “Stimulating the Development of Less CO2 Intensive Technologies as a Response to the Possibility of Future Global Warming.” (Abstract)

37. Kotrba, Josef, and Jan Švejnar. April 1993. “Rapid and Multifaceted Privatization: experience of the Czech and Slovak Republics.” (Abstract)

36. Švejnar, Jan, and Miroslav Singer. April 1993. “Using Vouchers to Privatize an Economy: the Czech and Slovak Case.” (Abstract)

35. Prasnikar, Janez, Jan Švejnar, Dubravko Mihaljek, and Vesna Prasnikar. April 1993. “Behavior of Participatory Firms in Yugoslavia: Lessons for Transforming Economies.” (Abstract)

34. Parry, Ian. March 1993. “Environmental R&D and the Choice Between Pollution Taxes and Marketable Emissions Permits.” (Abstract)

33. Richter, Rudolf. April 1993. “The Economic Theory of Private Property Theme and Variations.” (Abstract)

32. Andrezej, Stepiniak. March 1993. “The European Agreement EC–Poland and Liberalization of Transfer of Capital and Financial Services.” (Abstract)

31. Van Der Ploeg, Frederick, and Lans Bovenberg. March 1993. “Environmental Policy, Public Finance and the Labour Market in a Second-best World.” (Abstract)

30. Beetsma, Roel, and Frederick Van Der Ploeg. February 1993. “Intramarginal Interventions, Bands and the Pattern of EMS Exchange Rate Distributions.” (Abstract)

29. Van Der Ploeg, Frederick, and Lans Bovenberg. February 1993. “Green Policies in a Small Open Economy.” (Abstract)

28. Kmenta, Jan, and Stanley Sedo. April 1993. “An Umbrella Test for First Order Misspecification.” (Abstract)

27. Christodoulakis, Nicos, Sophia P. Dimelis, and Tryphon Kollintzas. February 1993. “Comparisons of Business Cycles in Greece and the EC: Idiosyncrasies and Regularities.” (Abstract)


26. Katsoulacos, Yannis. August 1992. “Privatisation, Competition and Welfare.” (Abstract)

25. Glomm, Gerhard, and B Ravikumar. October 1992. “Formal Schooling and Growth in an Overlapping Generations Model.” (Abstract)

24. Hanousek, Jan, and Petr Lachout. January 1993. “Robust Bayes-type Version of Classical Estimators.” (Abstract)

23. Estrin, Saul, and Jan Švejnar. January 1993. “Wage Determination in Labor-managed Firms under Market-oriented Reforms: Estimates of Static and Dynamic Models.” (Abstract)

22. Švejnar, Jan. November 1992. “Labor Market Adjustment in Transitional Economies.” (Abstract)

21. Demougin, Dominique, and Gerhard Illing. November 1992. “Property Rights and Regulation of Environmental Quality under Asymmetric Information.” (Abstract)

20. Parry, Ian. October 1992. “Option Values and Global Warming Irreversibilities.” (Abstract)

19. Anderson, Simon P., and Maxim Engers. August 1992. “Shopping, Shipping and Spatial Competition with Price-taking Firms.” (Abstract)

18. Bulir, Aleš. November 1992. “The Czech and Slovak Republic in 1992: The Process of the Divergence.” (Abstract)

17. Parry, Ian. September 1992. “Global Warming Catastrophes and the Costs of Delaying Action to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions.” (Abstract)

16. Anderson, Simon P., and Victor A. Ginsburgh. August 1992. “Price Discrimination via Second-Hand Markets.” (Abstract)

15. Earle, John S., and Dana Sapatoru. October 1992. “Privatization in Hypercentralized Economy: the Case of Romania.” (Abstract)

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13. Kočárník, Ivan. August 1992. “The Problems of Fiscal Management in the CSFR in a Time of Transition.” (Abstract)

12. Drábek, Zdeněk. August 1992. “Convertibility or a Payments Union? – Convertibility!” (Abstract)

11. Terrell, Katherine. July 1992. “Technical Change and Factor Bias in Polish Industry (1962–1983)” (Abstract)

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8. Terrell, Katherine. July 1992. “Productivity of Western and Domestic Capital in Polish Industry.” (Abstract)

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4. Drábek, Zdeněk. February 1992. “Foreign Investment in Czechoslovakia: Proposals for Fine-Tuning Measure of Policy Reform.”

3. Bose, Gautam. November 1991. “Interlinked Contracts and Moral Hazard in Investment.” (Abstract)


2. Prasnikar, Janez, Jan Švejnar, and Mark Klinedinst. July 1991. “Structural Adjustment Policies and Productive Efficiency of Socialist Enterprises.” (Abstract)

1. Švejnar, Jan. July 1991. “Microeconomics Issues in the Transition to a Market Economy.” (Abstract)