Students' Successes

Student success is our priority. Our PhD in Economics and MA in Economic Research students actively participate in various competitions and their papers regularly collect awards. Their efforts have brought exceptional results across the region. We are proud of their success!



  • PhD Job Market
    We promoted seven excellent PhD Job Market candidates for 2021-22: Davit Adunts, Gegethsik Afunts, Jaroslav Groero, Nikoloz Kudashvilli, Bohdana Kurylo, Olexiy Kyrychenko, Maxim Senkov
  • Recent Placements
    Dozens of our graduates have embarked on successful careers in the private sector, working across industries and various geographies as economists, data scientists, analysts, auditors, credit advisors, risk modelers, business directors, and machine learning specialists. Some of our fresh 2022 graduates have already secured outstanding professional placements (e.g., Kamil Kovář, who is Assistant Director at Moody´s Analytics, and Gega Todua, who works as a Risk Model Validator at Deutsche Bank in Berlin). To give an example of an outstanding academic placement, the about-to-graduate Olexiy Kyrychenko is now an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics and Business Economics, Nijmegen School of Management at Radboud University.
  • 2022 Second-Year Research Fellowships
    Our students Azizbek Tokhirov, Lukáš Jordán and Vlada Kosenkova were awarded the 2022 Second-Year Research Fellowships sponsored by CERGE-EI. The Fellowships are awarded for the best research proposals submitted by PhD in Economics students.
  • Czech Economic Society’s Young Economist of the Year
    CERGE-EI students and recent graduates once again swept the board at the Czech Economic Society’s Young Economist of the Year award ceremony. Jan Hanousek Jr. (MAE) won first place, Azizbek Tokhirov (PhD) came in second, and Ante Šterc (PhD) completed the list of laureates.
  • Stapleton Scholars Award
    Azizbek Tokhirov, a third-year student at CERGE-EI, was the first ever recipient of the recently established Stapleton Scholars Award.



  • Czech Economic Society: Young Economist of the Year Competition
    Applied Economics program graduate Jan Hanousek Jr. won the second prize for his paper. Our PhD student Daniil Kashakrov has received Honourable Recognition by the President of the CES for an Excellent Paper for Authors under 25 years of age for his paper.




  • CERGE-EI Second-Year Research Fellowship 2017 Competition
    Kristina Jablonicka, Matej Belin
    and Sergei Mikhalishchev are the winners of this year's CERGE-EI Second-Year Research Fellowship, a special fellowship sponsored by RSJ Foundation. The purpose of these fellowships is to facilitate the transition from course work to dissertation research and increase the probability that students will successfully complete their studies at CERGE-EI in an expeditious manner.
  • Best Paper in Theoretical Economics
    Mykola Babiak
    ’s paper "Generalized Disappointment Aversion, Learning, and Variance Premium" won the 1st place in the 2017 Competition for the Best Student Paper in Theoretical Economics awarded by the Czech Econometric Society.
  • Czech Economic Society: Young Economist of the Year Competition
    CERGE-EI PhD students Mykola Babiak and Nikoloz Kudashvili have received the first and the second prize, respectively, in the CSE’s Young Economist of the Year competition.


  • CFA Institute Research Challenge
    The team of Linda Do, Marek Rakowski, Miroslav Stranovsky, Fabio Herrero (MA in Applied Economics students) and Iuliia Brushko (PhD in Economics student) proceeded to the national round of the CFA Investment Research Challenge, and placed 5th. The teams had to do investment research of Unipetrol, including a country & industry overview, business description, financial analysis, valuation, and make recommendations.
  • KPMG International Case Competition
    Linda Do and Marek Rakowski (both MA in Applied Economics students) were part of a team, which advanced to the national final of a globally organized 2-week competition. The goal was to develop innovative and real-world business solutions.
  • Roland Berger Case Competition
    Linda Do (MA in Applied Economics student) joined a team which won the Roland Berger Case Competition. The teams had to master market research and analyzing trends in the construction industry followed by completing a strategy proposition for a company producing construction chemicals and plastics.
  • Wicksell Prize
    Ján Palguta (PhD in Economics student) was selected among the top three candidates for the Wicksell prize 2016. This prize is awarded by the European Public Choice Society to the best paper written by an under thirty author.
  • MOL’s Freshhh competition 2016
    Linda Do, Marek Rakowski (MA in Applied Economics students) and Jakub Kuba (Consulting Club 307) were members of the winning team called “Dirty Drilling”, out of 2300 teams worldwide. Players managed a simulated reality of a refinery and fuel stations network; used excel models, technology-focused logic and precise calculations; the task was to expand the company and increase its value/profitability.
  • CERGE-EI Publication in the American Economic Review: June 6, 2016
    CERGE-EI PhD Candidate, Vojtěch Bartoš, along with CERGE-EI academics Michal Bauer, Julie Chytilová, and Filip Matějka have had their research, "Attention Discrimination: Theory and Field Experiments with Monitoring Information Acquisition," published in the latest issue of the American Economic Review.
    Their findings will have serious implications for discrimination and policy intervention in labor markets across the globe.
  • Data-Driven Changemakers: Datathon
    Robert Stickney
    , MA in Applied Economics student, was a member of the Datathon winning team, which was selected for project on ʺLiveable Prague: How Can We Achieve a Well Balanced City?ʺ Other team members were Karel Golan, Eva Horákova, Greta Solani and Michal Kubišta.
  • “Students Encountering Science” conference
    Danijela Vuletic’s paper “How Effective were Reminders and Frames in Incentivizing Blood Donations” placed on the first place in the Social Sciences Section at the 9th international scientific conference “Students Encountering Science” (StES 2016), which took place in November in Banja Luka, Bosna and Herzegovina.
  • Czech Economic Society: Young Economist of the Year Competition
    CERGE-EI PhD students Gega Todua and Michal Šoltés have received the second and the third prize, respectively, in the CSE’s Young Economist of the Year competition.