Discussion Papers

The purpose of the Discussion Papers series is to publish complete papers that report (even partial or initial) results from a research project (broadly defined). It is designed to be a fast-track procedure to allow authors to have some property rights on their research output and to send the papers out for comments. The ultimate goal is that after incorporating comments received on the DP, s/he will submit the paper to the CERGE-EI Working Papers Series.

Note that CERGE-EI Discussion Papers are not edited for language and do not receive copy editing or critical refereeing. They are distributed in a limited number of copies within CERGE-EI and to a selected number of external collaborators, who are working with similar topics.

As Discussion Papers are intended for internal distribution, there is no formal distribution mechanism for them outside of the CERGE-EI community. If you are interested in obtaining copies of Discussion Papers, please contact the authors of the papers themselves. Contact information for the authors, when available, is contained in the Discussion Paper lists. Copies are available for perusal in the CERGE-EI Library. Readers are asked to keep in mind the highly preliminary state of the research contained in most of the papers.


251. Sargsyan, Vahan. April 2018. "Integration of Migrants in European Countries: First and Second Generations."


250. Bauer, Michal, Jana Cahlíková, Dagmara Celik Katreniak, Julie Chytilová, Lubomír Cingl, and Tomáš Želinský. December 2017. "Group Membership Magnifies the Dark Side of Human Social Behavior."

249. Vardanyan, Suren. April 2017. "Pre Scheduled Announcement Volatility as a Proxy for Information Content."

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244. Janhuba, Radek. January 2016. "Do Victories and Losses Mater? Effects of Football on Life Satisfaction."


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242. Hanousek, Jan, Anastasiya Shamshur, and Jiří Trešl. December 2015. "Capital Structure Changes after Acquisitions: The Case When Targets and Acquirers Remain Separate."

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234. Kovač, Dejan. March 2015. "The Lasting Legacy of One’s Name: Stigmatic Effects of Names on Outcomes in the Adulthood."

233. Holets, Tetyana. March 2015. "The Impact of Participation in Community-Based Approach Development Programs on Social Capital and Economic Indicators of Rural Areas."

232. Hrendash, Taras and Andrei Matveenko. January 2015. "Choice Models which Generate Production Functions and Utility Functions."


231. Cahlíková, Jana. December 2014. "Does the Study Abroad Experience Affect Attitudes Towards Other Nationalities?"

230. Bartoš, Vojtěch. December 2014. "Sharing Norms during Seasonal Food Shortages: Experimental Evidence from Afghanistan."

229. Malečková, Jitka and Dejan Kovač. December 2014. "Identifying Flip Floppers: Changing Attitudes towards Suicide Bombing in the Middle East."

228. Hanousek, Jan and Anna Kochanova. November 2014. "Bribery Environment and Firm Performance: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries."

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216. Van Koten, Silvester. February 2012. “Do Emission Trading Schemes Facilitate Efficient Abatement Investments? An Experimental Study.”

215. Van Koten, Silvester. February 2012. “Abatement Efficiency in Experiments: Learning and Allocation Effects.”


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197. Brázdik, František, and Michal Kejak. March 2009. “Notes on State Variables Choice and Timing in the Money-in-Utility Models.”


Individual researchers, as well as on-line and printed versions of the CERGE-EI Discussion Papers Series (including their dissemination) were supported from the following institutional grants:

  • Center of Advanced Political Economy Research [Centrum pro pokročilá politicko-ekonomická studia], No. LC542, (2005–2009)
  • Economic Impact of European Integration on the Czech Republic [Ekonomické dopady evropské integrace na ČR], No. MSM0021620846, (2005–2011)
  • Economic Aspects of EU and EMU Entry [Ekonomické aspekty vstupu do Evropské unie a Evropské měnové unie], No. AVOZ70850503, (2005–2010)
  • The Czech Republic and the Political Economy of European Integration [Česká republika a politická ekonomie evropské integrace], No. J13/98:116200001, (1999–2004)
  • The Economy in the Advanced Stage of Transformation [Ekonomika v období pokročilé transformace], No. A44/98:Z7-085-9-ii, (1999–2004)
  • Contemporary Czech Society and Issues of European Integration [Současná česká společnost a otázky evropské integrace], No. K8002117, (2001–2004)
  • National Identity and Cultural Heritage: Modern Systems of Collecting, Storing and Processing of Data [Národní identita a kulturní dědictví: moderní systémy sběru, uchování a zpracování informací], No. K8002119, (2001–2004)

Specific research support and/or other grants the researchers/publications benefited from are acknowledged in the Papers.