How to Apply

All application materials, including letters of recommendation, must be submitted through our online application form or delivered in paper form, by the deadline of March 31 (23:59 Central European Time) for the first round of admissions or by August 15 (23:59 Central European Time) for the second round of admissions. The second round of admissions will open on April 15.

The following materials are required for an application to be processed. All materials must be submitted in English or accompanied by an English translation.

1. Online Application Form

2. Curriculum vitae (up-to-date information relevant to the application and program, approx. 1 - 2 pages)

3. Statement of motivation: a statement in English in your own words describing your academic and research background, your interests and career goals, and how the program at CERGE-EI will help you meet your objectives. The length of the statement cannot exceed 4,000 characters. Please see the Statement of Motivation Guidelines

4. Copies of your Bachelor diploma and diploma supplement/complete transcript with certified translations into English if the original document is in another language

If you graduated in 2022 or earlier, you must submit copies of your BA diploma and the diploma supplement/complete transcript(s) with proper official verification (notarization / Apostille / Superlegalization). If you are still studying you must submit an official confirmation of study from the university with the expected date of finishing your studies and your most up-to-date transcript(s) of grades. If you completed your studies but have not received your BA diploma yet, you must submit an official confirmation of study completion from the university with the expected date of receiving your diploma and diploma supplement/complete transcript and your most up-to-date transcript(s) of grades.

Please note that if you are currently studying for an MA degree or are an MA graduate, you must also provide your MA degree diploma and transcript or up-to-date transcript and confirmation of studies.

Please see the Guidelines for Verification of Diplomas and Diplomas’ Supplements/Transcripts for details, and note that you must present these documents in hard copy either via post or in person if you are invited to the Preparatory semester or offered direct admission.

5. Proof of English proficiency level.

Applicants who are not native speakers of English//with proven native-speaker proficiency in English are required to provide a valid proof of their English proficiency. This should be an internationally recognized exam certificate - we accept IELTS, TOEFL – IC 2403, Cambridge, and Duolingo. The minimum required score for the Duolingo English Test is 115. 

With the exception of the Cambridge exam certificate, the documents should not be older than two years from the date when the admissions application is submitted to CERGE-EI.

Please note that a confirmation of studying in English (English as a medium of instruction) is not sufficient proof of English proficiency, with the only exception of studies undertaken in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland or the United States.

CERGE-EI reserves the right, in individual circumstances, to specify an additional language requirement for an applicant.

6. Contact details for two (or max. three) referees. Their letters of recommendation must be submitted using the reference page in the online application or sent in a sealed envelope with the recommenders’ signature across the envelope. Referees must be familiar with your academic background described in the online application form. Please see the Recommendation Letters Guidelines.

Optional materials:

  • We strongly encourage applicants to provide their GRE or GMAT results, as they may increase their chance of admission.
  • Applicants are encouraged to submit other relevant documents that may support their application, such as additional study records, certificates, samples of written work, etc.

All materials must be either uploaded through the Online Application Form or delivered in hard copy. Materials sent by email are not accepted.

Mailing address for application materials in hard copy:


MA in Economic Research / PhD in Economics

P.O. Box 882, Politických vězňů 7

111 21 Prague 1, Czech Republic