Visiting Master's

CERGE-EI offers master’s students from other universities the opportunity to join the MA in Economic Research for the entire academic year or to come just for a semester.

Visiting students take courses together with CERGE-EI students. Being a visiting MA is an especially good opportunity for academically motivated master’s students who are considering studying for a PhD in Economics and pursuing careers in the global academic sector or international organizations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor’s degree in economics, mathematics, financial mathematics, statistics, physics, or related fields (or expectation of receiving Bachelor’s degree by September of the year of the participation in the Visiting Master's Scheme)
  • Strong background in mathematics
  • Previous education in economics is not required but desirable
  • Sufficient competence in English to complete English-taught courses


  • High-quality, challenging Economics courses
  • All courses are taught in English. Academic Skills Center helps students develop Economics-specific language and academic skills
  • No tuition fee associated with visiting CERGE-EI
  • Fellowships are available for the best students to cover living expenses
  • Possibility to complete the PhD in Economics program at CERGE-EI later on

Visiting students can choose from the following courses:   

Fall Semester  
1st year courses (MA):        

Applied Macroeconomics I, Applied Microeconomics I, Statistics

1st year courses (PhD):

Macroeconomics I, Microeconomics I, Statistics 

2nd year courses
(offer for 2022/2023,
subject to change):

Microeconometrics I, Time Series Econometrics, Macro Topics I,
Public Finance, Development Economics, Labor Economics I,
Micro Topics I, US Economic History

ASC courses: Academic Writing I
Spring Semester   
1st year courses (MA): Applied Macroeconomics II, Applied Microeconomics II, Econometrics
1st year courses (PhD): Macroeconomics II, Microeconomics II, Econometrics I
2nd year courses
(offer for 2022/2023,
subject to change):
Microeconometrics II, Empirical Finance, Macro Topics II, Experimental Economics,
Quantitative Economic History, Economic Development and Institutions,
Computational Macroeconomics, Applied Microeconometrics, Micro Topics II 
ASC courses: Academic Writing II, Combined Skills I
Summer Semester   
1st year courses (PhD):   Macroeconomics III, Microeconomics III, Econometrics II  

visiting MAHow to apply

Prior to applying, the student has to be admitted to a Master’s program in Economics or a closely related field at your home university and has to agree with his/her home university on how your grades from CERGE-EI courses will be recognized. CERGE-EI cannot guarantee or help you with grade recognition. If you are unsure whether your program fits the requirements contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

There is no application deadline but the interested students should send their applications to the Study Affairs Office by e-mail at least two months in advance. Applications are considered upon request.

When applying indicate in your application supplement the time period in which you would like to come to CERGE-EI and what courses you would like to participate in. At CERGE-EI, we have 3 semesters – this system might be different than at your home university. For more information, see the Academic Calendar.

The application should include: 

  • Application
  • Letter of admission to the Master’s program at the home university
  • Up-to-date CV
  • Statement of motivation not exceeding 4,000 characters (Explanation of why the stay is important for the student’s academic development)
  • Bachelor’s degree transcript + up-to-date transcript from the current Master’s program
  • A letter of recommendation from a person familiar with your academic background, provided in a sealed envelope with the recommender's signature written across the seal

Short Term Visits

If you would like to visit us for a shorter period (or talk to a particular faculty member) please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..