“The program taught me to think deeply and critically about problems, an to understand the basics perfectly so that I can build on them individually. I would recommend this program to anyone who is not afraid to work hard. It is worth it.”

Monika Neufussová, Student

Why Choose MA in Economic Research

No tuition fees

Stipends available

Excellent Foundation for PhD Studies

Opportunity to continue with research in the PhD program

Small-scale program

3:1 student-faculty ratio, collaborative exchange of knowledge and an individual approach

Career Prospects

Job market preparation and placement assistance

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MA in Economic Research

The MA in Economic Research is a Western-style graduate program designed for students who are interested in modern economic research.

Program Details

Intensive 2-year program with advanced-level PhD curriculum


Apply by March 31, 2022 (or by August 15, in case of an additional admission round)

Financial Support

There are no tuition fees and stipends are available

Practical Information

We help out students to settle down so that they can focus on their studies

Newsletter for Study Applicants


“Classes are small and very interactive, professors are highly skilled, fun, dedicated and responsive to the needs of students, who are in turn very serious, focused and collaborative. The program is very intense and the pace of learning fast, which after 6 semesters of study makes me feel like I am able to do research in any field of economics I see fit.”

 Giorgi Chavchanidze, MAER Alumnus

"There is a great research community at CERGE-EI, which gives you an opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. Relative to other comparable European institutions, CERGE-EI certainly gives you an edge in many fields of economic analysis."

 Paolo Zacchia, Visiting Research Fellow, CERGE-EI

“Thanks to the integrated MA in Economic Research program, we are now able to accept the best students right after completing their undergraduate studies. This is the most direct track towards obtaining a PhD degree in Economics and starting a career in research.”

 Alena Bičáková, Deputy Director for Graduate Studies