Visiting Students

7481Are you a student from a technical field such as math, physics, engineering, or information technology, who is interested in economics?

You have a great opportunity to learn more about economic research by spending a period of time at CERGE-EI as a visiting student. You can attend classes, participate in research seminars by top international researchers, and conduct and discuss your research with experts from our faculty. As a Visiting Student you will become a part of the CERGE-EI community.

Here are a few things you can do and look forward to:  


Consult on your research with our faculty, who have PhDs from prestigious universities in Europe and the US and who publish in highly ranked academic journals
 - Develop your professional writing and presentation skills with the help of our Academic Skills Center

Study in the beautiful Schebek Palace and take advantage of our resources, including Jan Kmenta library and a modern Digital Media Center 

Attend unique Public Lectures such as the Distinguished Speaker Series hosting world-famous economists including Nobel Laureates 
 - Participate in CERGE-EI's weekly Research Seminars and learn about the newest trends and facts in todays' economics 
 - Socialize at events including international food parties, beer parties, coffee breaks, hiking trips, etc. 

rosamilia modified
As a visiting student, I got the chance to choose the classes that fit me best and really learned a lot, not only during lectures and seminars but also from full-time students. Furthermore, the professors are always willing and open to discussions, incentivizing students to ask questions and to deepen their knowledge. Being a visiting student at CERGE-EI is an experience that adds value to all aspects of my research career.”

Nico Rosamilia, PhD student from University of Rijeka, Visiting Student at CERGE-EI 2019/2020