Summer Praise for CERGE-EI Faculty

24 August, 2012

Although the deserted streets of Prague might give the impression that everyone has gone on vacation, CERGE-EI has remained in the limelight throughout the summer [all links are to pieces in Czech]. In an article about the most inspiring and promising young Czechs, the leading business weekly Ekonom included CERGE-EI faculty member Michal Bauer on its “Six Czechs of the future” list. The weekly also featured an interview with Professor Bauer discussing his views on the role of economics in development, microfinance, and his career trajectory.

Professors Štěpán Jurajda and Daniel Münich have managed to wake up Czech academia from its August slumber with a new study about the evaluation of research results in the Czech Republic. The study provides a unique overview of the institutions which produce the highest amount of scientific output in dozens of research fields. Additionally, the authors discuss the problems with the current research evaluation system in the country and offer some cautionary remarks about the direction it should take. The study was featured on the front page of the Czech business daily Hospodářské noviny and in its topic-of-the-day article, together with an interview with Daniel Münich. The study has also provoked a lively and much-needed public discussion among experts about the shortcomings of the current evaluation system and about the possibility for improvements.