Nature Index Writes About IDEA Study on Globalization of Science

18 October, 2019

A prestigious Nature Index web has informed about a study on globalization of science conducted by IDEA researchers Vít Macháček a Martin Srholec. The study compares globalization of science across 174 countries, 27 disciplines and 13 years in an interactive way. The more often researchers publish in the same journals as their peers abroad, the more globalized their research is.

There are several interesting findings made by Srholec and Macháček:

  • Science in advanced countries has traditionally been highly globalized, regardless of the discipline.
  • China has profoundly globalized its science system, gradually moving from the lowest globalization rates to prominence on the world stage, including in social sciences.
  • Russia and other former members of the Soviet bloc start and remain low, with science that continues to be relatively isolated from the rest of the world.
  • In Czechia, physical and life sciences are integrated in the global arena, while social sciences steadily globalize, but from a low base.
  • Science knows no borders. Low globalization of a national science base is a symptom of a systemic failure and inefficiency.

Find the country and discipline of your interest in the interactive study here