Master’s in Applied Economics Graduate Placements

15 March, 2018

From the private sector to national banks, from Canada to Sweden, Master’s in Applied Economics graduates keep securing prestigious and challenging positions all over the world. Firmly believing in the power of excellent education, we are proud to see the that our graduates can make a difference through their work, being policy makers, consultants, or business leaders.

Thanks to their accomplishments, the goal of our program is transferred to real life: developing curious, impact-driven individuals who will help building more prosperous societies. The skills, knowledge and tailor-made support they have received were carefully designed to make that happen. Still, we are delighted to see them reaching beyond their own initial plans.

Levon George Ghazaryan, a 2015 graduate, explains: "Everybody has ideas and objectives but having ideas and objectives is still not enough: one has to have a strategy to be able to realize them, to find ways to improve and share them. Voilà! One of these ways that led me towards the professional world was CERGE-EI. CERGE-EI provided me with a vast array of opportunities to broaden my knowledge in economic, financial research analysis, to be able to handle real world cases."

Folowing last year's successful placements in central banks, our congratulations this year go to Karel Musil (MAE 2014), who was promoted to Head of the Macroeconomic Forecasting Division at the Czech National Bank, Prague, Czech Republic. Thuy Linh Do (MAE 2016), on the other hand, became a Business Solutions Expert at the youngest European Bank (Klarna Bank) in Stockholm, Sweden.

In addition to that, a number of our graduates keep rising to leading positions in the private sector: Gor Hambardzumyan (MAE 2013) was promoted to CFO at the MIB Corporation in Toronto, Canada, and Petar Buha (MAE 2015) to Management Consultant at Accenture, Prague, Czech Republic. Levon George Ghazaryan (MAE 2015) became aJunior Economist at EY, Luxembourg.

Robert Johnson (MAE 2017), who became Country Manager Hungary for the fashion portal Glami, adds: "The MAE program stands out thanks to its unique combination of practical hard skills, useful soft skills, and tailored personal development. I have benefited immensely from the program, as I have learned not to take information at face value, to present my work in front of a large crowd, and to handle myself whenever stressful situations might arise.”

With the new admission deadline coming soon, we are very much looking forward to welcoming new hard-working and talented students to our one-year intensive program, empowering them to pursue thrilling career paths in a variety of fields.