Experientia Foundation Financially Supports the ‘IDEA anti Covid-19’ Project

2 April, 2020

The IDEA think tank at CERGE-EI has received an extraordinary donation of half a million crowns from the Experientia Foundation for the ‘IDEA anti Covid-19' project.

The contribution from the foundation, created by scientists, Ing. Hana Dvořáková and her husband prof. Dalimil Dvořák, is important financial aid and at the same time confirms the importance of the IDEA anti Covid-19 initiative, on which a number of CERGE-EI researchers are working.

The IDEA anti Covid-19 project aims to produce recommendations that can help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Czech society. It is based on the collaboration of experts from various research disciplines.

"It is evident that the Czech Republic lacks sufficient know-how to solve a number of problems related to the epidemic more effectively. That is why we find it necessary to establish close connection to the findings of natural sciences on one hand and econometrics, economics and behavioral sciences on the other," said Daniel Münich, Executive Director of IDEA think tank at CERGE-EI.

Since the launch of the initiative in the middle of March, the IDEA think tank has published a number of studies on the effectiveness of testing, the parameters of epidemiological models, a survey on the reaction of the Czech public to restrictions, and behavioral studies on preventive measures. Other recommendations and comments were focused on macroeconomic measures. Up to 40 researchers linked to the CERGE-EI community have been involved in the project.

The press release by the Experientia Foundation can be found here.