March 2023 at CERGE-EI

7 April, 2023

According to Czech expressions, it is said that "March, behind the stove we will climb", which figuratively means that we will still be warm in peace. However, we at CERGE-EI were definitely not waiting for spring in the warmth of March. What happened in March 2023, and where in the media did our researchers appear? Read more.

1 March 2023



Self-employed workers contribute the minimum to their pensions, but they receive almost the same pension as the employees who pull the system - an average of CZK 12,000. "The system is in solidarity with them," says economist Pertold. The game is about increasing contributions of self-employed workers.

3 March 2023

Filip PERTOLD, IDEA at CERGE-EI (Interview ČT24)

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In addition to the extraordinary June valorisation, economist Filip Pertold, advisor to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, admitted in a ČT24 interview programme that the government woke up "a little late. As an economist, it is difficult to advise politicians on how much pensioners should have their inflation compensated," he said, stressing that it is mainly a political issue.

3 March 2023

Alena BIČÁKOVÁ, CERGE-EI (Respekt)

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I am looking for a husband, even without a diploma! Alena Bičáková and Štěpán Jurajda’s studies show that women are looking, contrary to the aforementioned popular ideas, for men with less education. "Women are replacing the lack of educated men with less educated partners," says Alena Bičáková. "So, there is no need to worry that a high level of educated women will lead to lower birth rates."

6 March 2023

Filipa MATĚJKA, CERGE-EI (Science and Research)


What should be the ‘mindset’ of a successful ERC grant applicant and excellent scientist? What makes doctoral studies at CERGE-EI, a joint department of Charles University and the Czech Academy of Sciences, special and why study economics? We talked about these topics with Filip Matějka, an economist working in CERGE-EI’s academic staff, who has succeeded in two European Research Council programmes.

15 March 2023

Daniel Münich, IDEA at CERGE-EI (Universitas)


"Support for university students is low and does not help those who need it. Because of this, we have a lot of talented people who don't go to university. This deprives the Czech Republic of its economic potential," says Daniel Münich from IDEA at CERGE-EI in an interview for Universitas magazine.

23 March 2023


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Wealth comes from excellence and talent. "Every country can benefit from some wealth, and since we don't have mineral resources, w