People of CERGE-EI: Meet Our Alumni

16 July, 2020

Our alumnus Maxim Goryunov spoke about his recent interest in testing economic theories with laboratory experiments in an interview for the CERGE-EI blog. Maxim, who graduated in 2016, told us how he got from Prague to Florence and Astana, and revealed a bit about his future plans.

"My research interests have shifted significantly in the last few years, and I am now more interested in testing economic theories with laboratory experiments. I ran my first experiment about a year ago, and I have plans for more," said Maxim, who holds an Assistant Professor position at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Interviews with Alumni are regularly posted on the CERGE-EI blog. Recently, Vojtěch Bartoš, Ján Palguta, Gurgen Aslanyan, Jana Cahlíková, Ivana Draženović and Igor Knež have responded to our questions. Enjoy reading!