CERGE-EI Media Highlights for January

14 February, 2022

Inflation, the state budget, the abolition of super-gross wages, and reductions in social security contributions were among the topics CERGE-EI's and Think-Tank IDEA's experts commented on in January. A significant media interest spurred the information that the newly appointed Czech Government has reached out to members of the CERGE-EI faculty for assistance in defining future public policies.

Jan Švejnar gave several interviews in January, among others for Český rozhlas Plus,,, and CNN Prima News. He commented on the board of the Czech National Bank's announcement of another significant increase in interest rates. 

Svejnar CRo SvejnarSeznamZpravy Svejnar CNNPrima

Jan Švejnar also gave an interview for the Czech Academy of Sciences. When asked about the recommendations for the new Czech Government, he answered:

"We are a country that does not have much mineral wealth, so we must base our development strategy on investing in human capital; so, in that sense, really, the best possible education, the best possible science, research, and innovation."

Czech media in January informed that CERGE-EI experts will help define public policy. Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, Helena Langšádlová, appointed Prof. Štěpán Jurajda her deputy on 17 January 2022.

"I very much appreciate Štěpán Jurajda joining my team. He is an accomplished scientist and an experienced member of the Government Council for Research, Development, and Innovation. I look forward to our co-operation," said the Minister., Deník N, and covered the story.

Daniel Münich joined the newly established Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala's Advisory Council, leading economists, physicians, and legislators among its members., ČT24,,, and other media informed that Daniel Münich will contribute to debates on public policy in the fields of labor economics and economics of education and schooling, in which he has tremendous expertise.

Filip Pertold gave an interview for He answered questions about possible savings and cuts in the state budget. He also commented on the situation of various social groups in society. For Czech Television's program 168 hodin, he commented on the abolition of super-gross wages, for on the possible ways the Czech Government can save 75 billion CZK.

Pertold Seznamzprvy  Pertold 168 CT

Filip Matějka gave an interview for Lidové noviny. He explained what made him reach the decision to study economics, why he thinks it is important to study this field, and where an economist can apply for work after finishing school.

Think-Tank IDEA published four studies in January, entitled State employees and civil servants: where they work and how much they are paid?", "Increase of 395 billion CZK compared to 2019: Where the first draft expenditure in the state budget for 2022 was headed", "We've done the sums for you: Here's what the abolition of super-gross wages, reductions in social security contributions, and the introduction of tax holidays will really mean", and "Sick pay: what impact did the introduction of a waiting period have?"

Deník N, Hospodářské noviny, Týdeník Hrot,, Czech Radion, Czech Television, CNN Prima News,, and others covered the studies.

Bohdana Kurylo, who won second place in the Young Economist 2021 competition with her paper "The Impact of Same-Race Teachers on Student Non-Test Academic Outcomes", gave an interview for The paper examines whether positive effects of same-race teachers extend beyond test scores to non-test academic outcomes, known to predict long-term student success.