Hundreds of Students Benefited from CERGE-EI's Discovery Hub

3 July, 2019

CERGE-EI's free educational platform Economics Discovery Hub (EDH) has marked three years of its existence. More than 1800 students have used the opportunity to take part in nearly 70 workshops and courses.

In this academic year, Introduction to Python, SQL Fundamentals, and Introduction to R were among the most popular courses. Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills, as well as Presentation Skills, were included in this year's schedule to help students work on their soft skills. For the first time, a workshop on Creative Thinking was part of the EDH. 

"We are proud that the EDH helps students to gain certain skills they need for both their studies and future careers. We will do our best to maintain the high quality of all the courses, keep those that are popular and come up with some new ones," claimed Anna from the EDH project team.   

"It would not be possible to keep the quality of the content without the generous support of our donors and the whole institution. Big thanks also go to our teachers and lecturers; we know from the feedback of the attendees that they are doing a great job," she added.