People of CERGE-EI: Meet Our Alumni

20 August, 2020

Our alumnus Dejan Kovac spoke about his research projects at Princeton University in an interview for the CERGE-EI blog. Dejan, who graduated in 2018, told us why he decided to run for president of Croatia in 2019, and revealed a bit about his future professional plans. 

"I was successful for several years, especially with my project for using AI in education policies, but my efforts were put on pause for my presidential campaign, and now I am slowly getting back to it," said Dejan, who now holds a Project Leader position at Princeton University.

Interviews with Alumni are regularly posted on the CERGE-EI blog. Recently, Vojtěch Bartoš, Ján Palguta, Gurgen Aslanyan, Jana Cahlíková, Ivana Draženović and Igor Knež have responded to our questions. Enjoy reading!