Sympathy and Support

22 December, 2023

Director Sergey Slobodyan has addressed the CERGE-EI community in connection with yesterday's tragic incident at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University.

"We express our deepest sympathy to the victims of yesterday's shooting and their relatives, and mourn the tragic loss of life among students, faculty, and staff members.Our thoughts are with those who were affected by these incomprehensible events. We wish them strength and resilience during this difficult period.

Charles University has cancelled all group activities, including teaching, planned for today, December 22, but the university buildings remain open. In a solemn gesture of remembrance, a black flag was hung over the CERGE-EI building.

People react differently to difficult situations, so let's be mindful of that and offer our support in whatever way we can. If you or someone you know needs assistance in dealing with the situation, please remember that counseling services are available to provide support and guidance. In addition to the mental health and well-being options available to the CERGE-EI community, Charles University is now offering all of its students and staff an extended spectrum of support in the form of psychological assistance at its counseling centers and outside of Charles University. Your well-being is a priority," concluded Sergey Slobodyan and wished the CERGE-EI community peace and comfort this Christmas.

Milena Králíčková, Rector of Charles University, and Eva Lehečková, Dean of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, have issued a joint statement on the December 21 shooting at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. Click here to read the full statement.