CERGE-EI Welcomes New Students to the Preparatory Semester

3 May, 2021

The 2021 Preparatory Semester on the PhD in Economics and Master in Economic Research program kicked off last week.

We are going fully online this year, with 36 students joining us from 17 countries worldwide. The so-called prep semester is designed to support applicants with varying levels of knowledge of modern economics and mathematics. It provides prospective students with a knowledge base, on which to build during their PhD and MAER studies and allows them to gain a sense of how economics is taught at CERGE-EI.

The preparatory semester has been taught here since the very beginning. In the spring of 1991, CERGE recruited the first group of Western and local faculty members and admitted 29 graduate students to the Summer Preparatory Semester, which took place between July and August of the same year. 20 students successfully completed the preparatory courses and commenced their PhD studies in September 1991.

At the beginning of June, we will find out who will continue studying at CERGE-EI as full-time first-year students. We are wishing good luck to everyone!