Michal Bauer Awarded the Otto Wichterle Award 2011

14 June, 2011

Michal Bauer, Post-Doctoral Fellow at CERGE-EI, has been awarded the Otto Wichterle Award, an honour given by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic to stimulate and encourage selected, exceptionally outstanding, promising young scientists at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for their remarkable contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge in a given area of science.

The award consists of a diploma of the President of the AV CR and a reward for the successful completion of an extraordinary or especially important scientific task within a given scientific discipline.  Dr. Bauer will be joining the CERGE-EI Permanent Faculty starting in September 2011.

The Award was named after the deceased Otto Wichterle in memory and honour of this excellent Czech chemist, the inventor of Czech version of nylon and soft contact lenses, a scientists of a global standing and a person of high moral credit, the honorary president of the Academy of Sciences CR.