CERGE-EI Researchers Influencing the Debate on the COVID-19 Response

30 March, 2020

Many CERGE-EI faculty members, students, and alumni are actively involved on the IDEA anti COVID-19 project run by the IDEA think tank. Since its launch earlier this month, the project itself and studies it has published have received significant coverage in the relevant Czech media.

So far, more than twenty researchers have joined the team coordinated by IDEA executive director Daniel Munich: Filip Matějka, Filip Pertold, Michal Šoltés, Ludmila Matysková, René Levínský, Vladimír Novák, Vojtěch Bartoš, Jaroslav Borovička, Jakub Steiner and Eva Hromádková to name a few. But the list could go on.

United in their effort to help the Czech Republic with their expertise in the challenging situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, our researchers have published studies with recommendations on macroeconomic strategy, effective testing, a survey on the reaction of the Czech public to restrictions and behavioral studies on preventive measures.

All the above mentioned were covered by the leading newspapers, online journals, and public broadcasters. Although entering the public debate is not the be-all and end-all of the researchers' job, it is great to see so many members of the CERGE-EI community having their say on this very important topic.