Filip Matějka Awarded by the Czech Education Minister for Outstanding Research

28 November, 2019

CERGE-EI faculty Filip Matějka has been awarded the Minister of Education Youth and Sports Prize for outstanding results in social sciences research. Filip is one of the two Czech scientists who received the prize this year.

"It is a great honor to be among the scientists awarded this year. I think that the committee recognized that we economists try to push our knowledge using scientific methods even if it's often difficult to do as precisely as in some other disciplines," said Filip. 

"CERGE-EI has been very inspiring to me since pretty much all of my colleagues work on topics that really matter. Their example then constantly pushes me away from my small theoretical models. Some of my most impactful work is done jointly with my wonderful colleagues Michal Bauer, Julie Chytilová and Jakub Steiner. And thus big thanks and congrats also belong to all three of them," he added.

The Minister of Education Youth and Sports Prize for Outstanding Results of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation has been awarded since 1991. In 2016 Julie Chytilová was among the three laureates.