NFKJ Neuron Award for Filip Pertold

11 November, 2013

Filip Pertold was granted the NEURON 2013 Award for young Economics researchers under the age of 40. His research will study how motherhood influences the career lives of Czech women. During his research, Filip will compare the career advancement of Czech women with women from other European countries, primarily Denmark.

He builds on fact that most day care facilities were shut down in the Czech Republic after 1989, and new plans for maternity leave emerged. The new plans have been found to discourage some women from returning to the workforce from an economic standpoint. Filip’s research will concentrate on questions such as how this impacts women’s choice of field of study, their career advancement and wages, and their opportunities to work in positions of leadership.

About the NEURON Awards

Karel Janeček is the founder of RSJ, a brokerage firm that has supported CERGE-EI students since 2008. His endowment fund's mission focuses on supporting young Czech academics returning from abroad to pursue research careers in the Czech Republic. More information in Czech can be found at