Oxford University and CERGE-EI Organize International Conference

17 September, 2014

Scholars from around the world are converging on Oxford, UK to participate in the “Rational Inattention and Related Theories” conference which takes place on September 17—19th, 2014. Co-organized by the University of Oxford and CERGE-EI, the conference marks the most important annual event in the ‘Rational Inattention’ field of economic research.

An impressive roster of international experts will attend and present their latest ideas. CERGE-EI will be represented by two of its faculty members, Filip Matějka and Jakub Steiner. Several CERGE-EI students will also attend.

The ‘Rational Inattention’ research agenda addresses the economic implications of human inability to digest the plethora of information available to them—be it about the current state of financial markets, skills of particular employees, or properties of mortgage contracts. Applications of Rational Inattention research span monetary economics, labor economics, gender and racial discrimination, international trade, and market regulation.

This year’s conference follows the first “Rational Inattention and Related Theories” conference hosted by CERGE-EI in Prague in June of 2012. See the program.

For more information about the conference participants and research papers to be presented, please click here.


We have translated an article which was written in Czech by Kateřina Surmanová for Hospodářské Noviny on September 29th. The original article can be found here. Read the translated article on our CERGE-EI blog.