Become a Data-Driven Changemaker! Apply for MA in Applied Economics by 31 March, 2017

1 March, 2017

Are you curious and impact-driven? Do you want to make a difference in the world?  

Are you fascinated by new fields of data analysis and want to use your skills to solve real-world problems? 

Then the MA in Applied Economics program is the right choice for you.

In one intensive year, you will: 

  • gain a top-notch education in economics,
  • obtain hands-on data experience with a real-life impact,
  • enhance your personal and professional development, 
  • give back to the community,
  • interact with your future employers.

Find out more about our approach in this infographic.

The Master of Arts in Applied Economics (MAE) is a tuition-based, one-year, three-semester-long intensive master’s degree program. The MAE develops curious, impact-driven individuals who will help build more prosperous societies. Our graduates learn how to crunch the numbers. But they also experiment with human-centered design approaches to test ideas on real-world challenges.
Ready to be a Data-driven Changemaker? Explore the details of our program and apply. We have a number of financing options available to meet the financial needs of our students.