Filip Pertold: Data Was the Key Over the Past Year

16 September, 2021

What information do we need to introduce good economic policies? Have we learned anything from the pandemic? In the Talking Economics Podcast, Katarína Stehlíková talks with Filip Pertold and takes a closer look at data and its role in effective government.

"We’ve learned from the Covid-19 pandemic that data is the key to keeping track of  a pandemic and focusing on  policies that will help the economy," Filip Pertold said.


Filip Pertold is our Ph.D. Alumnus, a CERGE-EI researcher, and research coordinator in our academic think-thank IDEA. Filip has also worked as a researcher at Aarhus University in Denmark, at the World Bank, and at the University of Illinois. Filip actively participates in public debates on education, the public economy, and the labor market.

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