People of CERGE-EI: Meet Our Alumni

19 October, 2022

Peter Ondko, a CERGE-EI 2013 PhD in Economics graduate, has been recently promoted to Partner at BCG Prague. What does he like most about working in consultancy and what challenges does he see in the energy industry he specializes in? Read more in the CERGE-EI Blog interview.

 "It’s not surprising that consulting is much less about elegant theory or rigorous empirical evidence as in academia. But even though I didn’t really leverage the full depth core of micro/macro/econometrics learned at CERGE-EI, I really leveraged some of the skills CERGE-EI instilled, most notably the structured approach to problem solving, capability to challenge logical argumentation, and clarity in written and spoken communication. These are skills that are foundational for many career paths in business and I am greatly thankful to CERGE-EI for giving me the space to improve," says Peter.

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