New Economic Talent 2020

20 January, 2020

New Economic Talent (NET), the CERGE-EI competition for university students, has been launched again. This year, the competition focuses specifically on bachelor students and fresh graduates (up to one year from graduation). 

UPDATE 23.3.2020: The NET competition deadline is prolonged until April 30, 2020. 

NET turned five years old last season. Over that period, nearly five hundred students from five continents took part in it, and twenty two finalists presented their papers at CERGE-EI, including from several of the best-ranked European universities. "The main goal of the competition is to promote economic research among young students, not just economists, but also students from related fields. We want to show the relevance of economic research for today's society and give detailed feedback to the finalists, so they can develop their ideas further," said Martina Jakubuv, Deputy Director for Development and Public Relations. 

Taking part in the NET competition provides students with an exceptional chance to network with other students and researchers. In addition to that, the winner receives $2,000 USD and becomes a part of the CERGE-EI extended community, receiving invitations to relevant research and social events. 

Students from all fields (not just economics) are warmly encouraged to submit their paper in English by March 31, 2020.

Detailed information and participants' testimonials can be found here.