CERGE-EI Media Highlights for January

5 February, 2021

Progress of the vaccination process, labour market, development of unemployment, return of children to school, and the ongoing debate on the recovery and post-Covid time of the Czech economy were all topics on which experts from CERGE-EI and the IDEA think tank commented in January. In addition to that, the media reflected on the sad news about Profesor Mejstřík's passing that has hit not only the economic community hard.

A renaissance economist and pedagogue and an elite economic multi-fighter are some of the newspaper artical headlines that honour Profesor Mejstřík's work and his unquestionable merit as an important Czech economist. For us at CERGE-EI, Professor Mejstřík was also a friend and a close colleague, as he served as Acting Director in the early 1990s, and was t he Founding Director of the Institute of Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Post-Covid-time on the labour market, how to minimize consequences of Covid's failure to teach pupils on the future labor market, and society as a whole were discussed by Štěpán Jurajda in an iterview in Olomoucký deník.

How to build a better Czechia and what exactly should the government do next year to make life better in the country? and other important questions were answered by Jan Švejnar and Štěpán Jurajda.

René Levinský was part of a discussion of the effects of the lack of vaccines in the fight against coronavirus for Czech TV.

The Czech Academy of Sciences and the Charles University will jointly support applications for prestigious ERC grants and Filip Matějka has become a member of an expert group to assist researchers applying for an ERC grant. Matějka's success in winning a second ERC Consolidator grant was listed among great achievements by Czech scientists working in the Czech Republic and abroad last year.

Daniel Münich commented on the hot topic of the return of children to school for Afternoon Plus at Český Rozhlas. Another theme that Daniel introduced was the important results that an updated IDEA application revels about the quality of the small workplaces that is not reflected in the national evaluation. An online application is mapping the magazine's publishing performance and the personal authorial background of Czech research institutes according to fields. Its great benefit is that it provides information on the field size of workplaces in terms of the number of publishing authors and its results reveals the quality of the small workplaces that are neglected in the national evaluation.