Media Highlights for October

8 November, 2021

Czech elections, interest rates, inflation, and the announcement of 2021 Nobel Prize Winners were among the topics that CERGE-EI experts commented on in the Czech media in October.

The 2021 Nobel Prize was divided among David Card for ‘his empirical contributions to labor economics,’ and to Joshua D. Angrist and Guido W. Imbens ‘for their methodological contributions to the analysis of causal relationships.’ Several CERGE-EI experts commented on this topic. Filip Pertold for,, and Czech television, Štěpán Jurajda for Lidové noviny, and Jan Švejnar for ČTK and

Jan Švejnar gave several interviews. On Czech Radio’s "Pro a proti", he discussed the latest decisions of the Czech national bank to increase the interest rate with the former governor of the Czech national bank Miroslav Singer. In an interview with and on the program Otázky Václava Moravce on Czech television, he debated Czech’s current situation and its future after the parliamentary election.

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"I describe the forms of folly and give them erudite names" is the title of an interview with Jakub Steiner on the news server He answered questions related to behavioral economics and spoke about his life and experiences.


How do citizens and politicians make decisions? Filip Matějka provided answers in an interview for Vesmír. He talked also about the growth of property prices on CNN Prima News.

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In an interview with Lidové noviny, Štěpán Jurajda commented on the pension reform, public finances, and the results of the elections in Czech. Štěpán pointed out that “in ten years, the state of public finances will deteriorate rapidly due to the pensions of large cohorts of ‘Husák's children,’”—those born in the 70s.


A study by Filip Pertold and Otakar Kořínek comparing the programs of political parties with respect to the family policy spurred significant media interest. Among others,,, and covered this study. Filip commented on the increase in energy prices and its impact on Czech households for news servers:,, and


Silvester van Koten elaborates on the increase in energy prices in an interview for According to Silvester, gas and electricity prices should go down by around spring.

A study "Mum or preschool?" by Alena Bičáková, Klára Kalíšková, and Lucie Zapletalová published in August still recieves media interest. Alena spoke on the topic in "Pro a proti" on Czech radio and in an interview for

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