Our Researchers and Students Are Taking Part in the "IDEA ANTI COVID-19" Project

19 March, 2020

CERGE-EI students and researchers are joining the "IDEA ANTI-COVID-19" project that was launched today. The project aims to provide expert ideas and recommendations to mitigate the negative economic effects caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

"IDEA ANTI COVID-19" addresses the Czech public, policymakers and the media. Filip Matějka, Jakub Steiner, Ludmila Matysková, Jan Žemlička and Michal Šoltés were among the first who contributed. And many others are also taking part.

"Being a researcher sometimes also means answering this tricky question: "So, what is it good for?" This initiative by IDEA clearly shows that economic research is important to our society," said CERGE-EI Director Sergey Slobodyan.

"I am proud that our faculty members, in addition to students and alumni, have decided to contribute. I believe that facing the challenge the coronavirus pandemic represents with solid reliance on science is a good strategy," he added.  

IDEAantiCOVID19 logo transparent