High School Students Try Research Work at CERGE-EI

17 December, 2019

The fourth season of CERGE-EI’s program for high schoolers has ended with the final presentations of five research projects taking place. Ivan Bejin, Adam Bok, Adéla Horáková, Anna Pánková and Vojtěch Ruda focused on the gender gap in Czech political representation and were chosen by the evaluation committee as this year’s winners.

"We were all very pleased with the quality of your presentations. Thank you for the effort you made, you did a terrific job," said project coordinator Filip Pertold to the participants.

The evaluators appreciated all aspects of the research presented by the winning team that worked under the supervision of Michal Šoltés. "The introduction, data description, as well as the discussion were great. It was almost like a scientific paper," said Filip Pertold.

Second place was awarded to the team lead by Nikoloz Kudashvili. Alfred Byrne, Mark Gerasimov, Šimon Kolařík, David Kosík, and Alexander Terziev presented their research on health determinants.

Geatana Fagone, Aner Hadžić, Miloslava Macková, Tereza Pařízková and Lukáš Veselý lead by Miroslava Federičová made it to third place. They studied the causes of inequality in mathematical skills across the Czech regions.

The Projects in Applied Economics program is fully organized and hosted by CERGE-EI, and supported by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. During the program, students learn the basics of economics and research methods and pursue a supervised research project based on real data.

This year, 27 students from 16 schools took part in the program. As every year, the research projects included topics that were both appealing for young people and important for society.

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