Try CERGE-EI Electives

24 September, 2020

For the first time, this year's offer of optional courses at Charles University also includes two courses taught at CERGE-EI. In both cases, the teachers will focus on current topics seen from the perspective of modern economics.

The first lecture of the course "Economic History - From the Stone Age to the Euro", taught in English by Christian Ochsner, will take place on September 29. The course is a good choice for MSc and advanced Bachelor students who are interested in topics at the intersection of economics, history, politics, and culture.

Filip Matějka and Jan Zápal's course "Fundamental Social Themes through the Eyes of Economics" begins on Monday, November 9. Filip and Jan want to offer students new perspectives on current issues such as global warming, robotization, the sustainability of democracy, and the deepening of social inequality. This course is taught in Czech. 

Registration for both courses is now open in the Study Information System (SIS).