Congratulations to PhD and MA in Economics Graduates

31 May, 2017

The 2017 PhD and MA in Economics Graduation Ceremony took place on Friday, 27 May at 11:00 in the historic halls of Schebek Palace. Opening remarks were given by the Chargé d´Affaires  of the U.S. Embassy in Prague, Ms. Adams-Smith, the co-founder of CERGE-EI and Director of the Center on Global Economic Governance at Columbia University, prof. Jan Švejnar, and the director of CERGE-EI, Michal Kejak.

Prof. Švejnar pointed out the importance of the work of economists in today´s world, as we face serious challenges, including war and terrorism. He recognized that CERGE-EI graduates are among the brightest people in the field and welcomed them into the profession and into the CERGE-EI alumni family.

Warm congratulations again to all our graduates!

Please find the pictures from the Graduation Ceremony here.

PhD in Economics Graduates of 2016
Bartoš Vojtěch (Czech Republic)
Brushko Iuliia (Ukraine)
Celik Katreniak Dagmara (Slovakia)
Federičová Miroslava (Slovakia)
Goryunov Maxim (Russian Federation)
Lichard Tomáš (Slovakia)
Palguta Ján (Slovakia)

PhD in Economics Graduates of 2017
Babický Vítězslav (Czech Republic)
Sidorkin Oleg (Russian Federation)

MA in Economics Graduates of 2016
Afunts Geghetsik (Armenia)
Chorna Olena (Ukraine)
Drlje Marin (Croatia)
Ghadiri Abkenar Taghi (Iran)
Grossman Jakub (Czech Republic)
Hramiak Iryna (Ukraine)
Konstantinov Sergey (Russian Federation)
Kuna Vojtěch (Czech Republic)
Lin Kuan-Heng  Taiwan (China)
Perignáthová Mária (Slovakia)
Piankova Daria (Russian Federation)
Pokora Jindřich (Czech Republic)
Protivínský Tomáš (Czech Republic)
Šedek Jan (Czech Republic)
Svitáková Klára (Czech Republic)
Tomko Peter (Slovakia)
Veremeichyk Andrii (Ukraine)
Vidaković Peruško Ivana (Croatia)

MA in Economics Graduates of 2017
Rostomashvili Archili (Georgia)