New Academic Job Placement for PhD Candidate Mykola Babiak

27 February, 2019

This fall, Mykola Babiak (PhD candidate, expected graduation 2019) will take up a tenure track position as an Assistant Professor in Finance at Lancaster University Management School.

In 2017 Mykola won the Czech Economic Society’s Young Economist of the Year Award for his paper “Generalized Disappointment Aversion, Learning, and Asset Prices”. He went on the job market at the end of 2018 with the same paper and was successful in securing a number of job offers before finally accepting the offer at Lancaster.

He also worked as an associate economist for Moody's Analytics in their Prague office and was a lecturer at the Institute of Economic Studies in Prague.

When asked how CERGE-EI helped prepare him for such a job, he said, "CERGE-EI gave me an amazing opportunity to develop my research ideas. The rigorous coursework focusing mainly on financial markets and macro topics built a strong foundation for my future research in the areas of macro-finance and asset pricing".

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