Economics at Charles University Holds Its Position in the Top 100

3 July, 2019

Charles University has been recognized as holding a position among the top 100 universities in economics by the 2019 Global Ranking of Academic Subjects. This is the third consecutive year that Charles University has held this ranking and the first year that the economics field is the sole representative of Charles University across all departments.

"Continuing placement of Economics at Charles University in Top 100 ARWU ranking is a confirmation of our research excellence. Such stability is a result of the dedication of the faculty and researchers to their work, part of which is to instill students with their passion for state-of-the-art economic research," said Sergey Slobodyan, Acting Director of CERGE-EI.

"Many CERGE-EI students contributed to the publications which made this success possible. I want to express my sincere gratitude to all members of CERGE-EI community which made this possible," he added. 

This success in the field of economics is shared by the two economics institutes at Charles University, IES FSV UK and CERGE.

The Global Ranking of Academic Subjects was found to be the most widely used academic ranking of the world’s research universities in a 2005 study published by The Economist. In 2019, more than 1000 institutions were evaluated using indicators such as international collaboration, research publications, and academic recognition.

There are 40 schools in Europe that currently hold a position among the top 100 universities in economics, for example, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Bocconi University and the Paris School of Economics. Charles University is the only Czech school in the ranking.

In addition to the ranking of the top 100 economics programs globally, Charles University is also ranked in the top 200 for a multitude of other subjects. These subjects are mathematics, physics, clinical medicine, finance, and other fields that can be found in the comprehensive list of rankings.