Policy Brief by Jan Švejnar

24 February, 2023

On the topic of the war in Ukraine, we are publishing a policy brief by Jan Švejnar entitled "Russia's imperial war and the need to help Ukraine during and after the war."

The brief gives a historical perspective on Russia and the Soviet Union’s imperial ambitions to examine Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the need for the West to assist Ukraine decisively during and after the War.

The brief also emphasizes that the part played by the countries of Central-East Europe in western response has been critical, as is and may in the future be, in a different way, the part played by China. Western sanctions have not been very effective as Europe has continued importing Russian oil and gas and most western firms have not left Russia.

The full brief is available for download in Czech and English here

Forthcoming in a volume marking the first anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, following on