Economics Discovery Hub Opens Its Fifth Season

5 October, 2020

With the beginning of the Academic year, CERGE-EI’s Economics Discovery Hub (EDH) launches its fifth season. As always, the EDH will offer a variety of free courses and workshops focused on Soft Skills, Applied Data Science, and Economics.

Due to ongoing restrictions, all Economics Discovery Hub events are planned as fully online. We are going to start on 19 October with a much needed mental health care workshop How To Mind Your Mind provided by Nevypusť duši.

Knowing that programming courses are among the most popular, we have scheduled an introductory Python course and some advanced Python workshops.

Data visualization is always handy, therefore we are planning to bring you a short course on Data Visualisation with PowerBI.

Last but not least, the Talking Economics! series will continue, this time also with some of our Master in Applied Economics Alumni.

As these times are a bit more turbulent than usual, the best way to have up-to-date information about the scheduled courses and registrations is to follow EDH on Facebook.