Top Economic Scholars to Present at CERGE-EI

9 October, 2020

Despite the covid-19 restrictions, we are keeping the tradition of welcoming world-class economists to present their research to our students and faculty members. A research webinar with prof. Rafael Lalive (The University of Lausanne) takes place on Monday, 12 October.

Prof. Lalive is going to speak about the study "Can Outlawing Stated Gender Preferences Reduce Gender Segregation Across Firms?" that examines the effect of the legislation on reducing gender segregation across firms in Austria. Click here for details.

On the very next day, on Tuesday, 13 October, Prof. Lalive will be the keynote speaker of the public lecture: Policies to Support Entering and Leaving Workforce organized by the IDEA think tank and the Embassy of Switzerland in the Czech Republic.

This event will be also online, details are available here.

A webinar with Hélène Turon, Ph.D. (University of Bristol) is taking place on Thursday, 19 November.

Some other events that were planned for Fall 2020 have been rescheduled. We hope to welcome Prof. Nikolaus Wolf (Humboldt University Berlin), Christopher Roth, Ph.D. (The University of Warwick), Leonardo Iacovone, Ph.D. (World Bank), Prof. Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University) in the near future.