A Cornucopia of Media Coverage

12 June, 2012

The CERGE-EI brand has received several high-profile media appearances in recent days, both in the local and the global media [for the Czech media, all links are to pieces in Czech]. On Thursday, May 31, the front page leading article of the highest-profile Czech business daily Hospodářské noviny discussed the 2012 IMD World Competitiveness Index. CERGE-EI researchers collaborated on the data collection for the Czech Republic, and Vilém Semerák commented on the IMD results in an interview.

On Thursday, June 6, Hospodářské noviny featured another front page article and a “topic of the day” two-page spread about a new IDEA study analyzing the impact of cognitive skills and education on long-term economic growth and the deficits of pension systems. IDEA is the think tank arm of CERGE-EI focusing on Czech public policy. One of the co-authors of the analysis, CERGE-EI faculty member Daniel Münich, provided additional commentary on the findings in an interview with Hospodářské noviny. In addition to the prominent coverage in the business daily, the study’s conclusions were aired on Czech Television and were reproduced on several news servers.

The policy study was not the end of Thursday’s publicity blitz. In the afternoon, Czech Radio aired an extensive interview about microfinance with CERGE-EI faculty member Michal Bauer.

But the biggest trophy goes to CERGE-EI Director Štěpán Jurajda whose joint research with CERGE-EI founding father Orley Ashenfelter is featured in the June 9 issue of the Economist!