Designing Markets for Surface Water

18 April, 2024

Nobel Prize Laureate Paul R. Milgrom's recent lecture for CERGE-EI community on market design as a solution to the current world water crisis is now available on CERGE-EI's YouTube channel.

A couple of weeks ago, Professor Milgrom, the world-renowned economist and former member of CERGE-EI’s Executive and Supervisory Committee (2015-2020) received the honorary scientific degree doctor honoris causa from Charles University.

Professor Milgrom is one of the founders of modern economics. He helped apply game theory and information economics to a wide range of economic problems, including pricing policy, auctions, financial markets and industrial organization. He won the Nobel Prize in Economics in October 2020 (together with Robert Wilson).

The honorary degree recognizes Professor Milgrom's original contribution to auction theory, the discovery of new auction formats, as well as his help in developing economics as a discipline at Charles University.

Following the ceremony, Professor Milgrom returned to CERGE-EI to give a lecture on his current research interest – market design as a solution to the current world water crisis. 

You can now watch the full lecture at

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