CERGE-EI Teaching Fellows Have Positive Impact at 55 Universities in the Region

29 October, 2014

In the 2014-15 academic year, more than 150 CERGE-EI teaching fellows will teach over 300 courses at 55 universities in 19 countries in the CEE/fSU region!

The Teaching Fellows program is designed to boost Western-style undergraduate economics education throughout transition economies and to encourage Western-educated economists to return to their home countries to become teachers and academic reformers.

The program has two tracks: the Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF) support PhD student fellows teaching one or two Western-style undergraduate economics courses in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Many of the GTF fellows are CERGE-EI students or alumni teaching in their home countries. The Career Integration Fellowships (CIF) fund graduates from western PhD programs who have accepted full-time academic positions in the region to promote modern economics education and research. The CIF fellows receive funding for three years.

In addition to spreading modern economic thought, Teaching Fellows are also expected to apply modern teaching methodologies. In August 2014, the Academic Skills Center at CERGE-EI organized a week-long training course in modern teaching skills for more than 80 first-time new Teaching Fellows from both tracks of the program.