Recent Successes of CERGE-EI Students and Graduates

27 November, 2019

CERGE-EI’s Radek Janhuba and Jakub Grossmann have recently been awarded for their research.

Radek, who obtained his PhD degree in 2018, was among five young researchers awarded with the Josef Hlávka Prize. The prize is intended for talented BA, MA or PhD students who have proved excellence and a creative approach in their field, and for young talented researchers under 33 years old.

"Radek Janhuba was among the best PhD students in his cohort," said CERGE-EI Deputy Director for Research Martin Srholec. "This is confirmed by the fact that the results of his dissertation are being published in respected journals like the Journal of Economic Psychology," he added.

Radek focuses on applied microeconomics and sports economics. In some of his work, he examines the relationship between sports teams' performance and their subjectively perceived level of happiness.

"I am very grateful to be receiving this prestigious award from the Nadání foundation, which has supported young researchers for over 25 years. The award ceremony was conducted in a unique atmosphere at Josef Hlávka's manor, which provided an unforgettable experience," commented Radek.

Our PhD student Jakub Grossmann won the František Venclovský Prize in a competition organized by the University of Finance and Administration. Jakub competed with some 40 PhD students from Czech Universities who submitted their papers. His work deals with the effects of minimum wage increases on employment.

"I estimate the employment effects of minimum wage increases in the Czech Republic during 2013-2017. I use the intensity treatment estimator at firm and job-cell levels. My results suggest that minimum wage increases had no or only small negative effects on the employment of low-paid workers," said Jakub about his paper.