CERGE-EI Part of the GEOCEP Project led by Charles University

20 December, 2019

Charles University will lead a large international research consortium on modeling climate policies. As CERGE-EI is a joint place of Charles University, it would also be involved in the project.

The Global Excellence in Modeling Climate and Energy Policies (GEOCEP) research project connects world-class universities that are willing to cooperate in order to address one of today’s most pressing social and political issue: the environmental crisis induced by climate change.

"The purpose of this project is to connect excellent researchers from various fields and introduce a new generation of models enabling to improve climate change policies," said CERGE-EI Director Sergey Slobodyan. "Given the fact that top research institutions are involved, this is a great opportunity for our students and researchers," he added.

Between 2020 and 2024, researchers will travel to deploy a worldwide knowledge network over five continents. They will come from six top research institutions in the European Union and sixteen other prestigious institutions in the rest of the world. Beneficiary institutions include CMCC, ETH Zurich, the London School of Economics, Toulouse School of Economics, and the University of Oxford. Partner institutions include notably the universities of California, Columbia, Harvard, Maryland, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale.

See more information in the press release by the Institute of Economic Studies.