IMF Presentation on Demographic Trends at CERGE-EI

19 September, 2019

An IMF study on demographic trends in central and eastern European countries and their implications will be presented at CERGE-EI on October 23.

One of the authors, Andreas Tudyka (IMF) will speak about the problem of aging and decreasing population that is relevant for the whole region. These changes will inevitably affect growth, living standards and fiscal sustainability.

The event is organized in cooperation with the IDEA Think Tank researchers, who will provide local feedback on the presented data.

The authors of the study entitled "Demographic Headwinds in Central and Eastern Europe" focused for example on direct effects of aging and decreasing population on labor supply or public spending on pensions and health care.

How should policy makers react to the current demographic trends? What measures could prevent the scenario of “growing old before becoming rich”?

Register by October 16 and join us for the presentation and following discussion.