Master’s in Economics Research as Preparation for a PhD Career

25 March, 2022

Master’s in Economics Research at CERGE-EI prepares talented Bachelor’s degree holders for PhD studies. 

Giorgi and Margarita among CERGE-EI’s first MAER graduates, both pursue their PhDs – Giorgi at Boston College in the US, and Margarita at CERGE-EI.

 “…the MAER program is part of the PhD program at CERGE-EI, which makes this program much stronger than many other Master’s programs in Europe. As a person who wants to obtain a PhD degree in the future, I chose MAER as it is an excellent opportunity to start my PhD studies just after completing my Bachelor’s," says Margarita.

Margarita 1 smaller

“The CERGE-EI experience has been invaluable. At Boston College, I have to take some graduate courses in Economics as a part of the PhD in Finance program. Thanks to CERGE-EI, economics courses are mostly a revision for me, while finance courses are also closely related to CERGE-EI coursework. This puts me in a unique position, because after 6 semesters of MAER, I can very easily follow the technicalities of coursework, which allows me to focus on the big picture in the context of my research interests," says Giorgi.


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